Using the IMEDS distributed database for epidemiological studies in type 2 diabetes mellitus

By: Ting-Ying Huang; Carla Rodriguez-Watson; Tongtong Wang; Shawna R Calhoun; James Marshall; Jillian Burk; Young Hee Nam; Aaron B Mendelsohn;Aziza Jamal-Allial; Robert T Greenlee; Mano Selvan; Pamala A Pawloski; Cheryl N McMahill Walraven; Ashish Rai; Sengwee Toh; Jeffery S Brow

This study assessed data relevancy and data quality of the Innovation in Medical Evidence Development and Surveillance System Distributed Database (IMEDS-DD) for diabetes research and evaluated comparability of its type 2 diabetes cohort to the general type 2 diabetes population. Our findings indicate that the IMEDS-DD contains robust information on key data elements to conduct pharmacoepidemiological studies in diabetes, including member demographic and clinical characteristics and health services utilization.

Read article: BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care