Social determinants of health

Frequency of quarterly self-reported health-related social needs among older adults, 2020

By: Nancy Haff; Niteesh K. Choudhry; Gauri Bhatkhande; Yong Li; Dana Drzayich Antol; Andrew Renda; Julie C. Lauffenburger

Family on a hike

Approximately half of US adults report a health-related social need (HRSN), such as food and housing, but less is known about how HRSNs unfold over time. The goal of this cohort study was to describe quarterly changes in HRSNs among a Medicare Advantage cohort. In this sample of Medicare Advantage plan beneficiaries, prevalence of HRSNs was consistent over time and similar to previous assessments. However, at the individual level, we observed marked fluctuations in HRSNs across quarters.

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